Jen Selby

Versatile software developer and educator with experience in machine learning, systems engineering, security, design thinking, and backend web development. A decade working as a software engineer followed by seven years teaching computer science.
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Work Overview

For more details, please see my resume.

Machine Learning

Systems & Security

  • Developed high school security curriculum
  • Taught basic CPU design at high school level
  • Designed increased security for various applications
  • Worked on embedded systems

Web/Mobile Dev

  • Implemented React-based prototype for entrepreneur in accelerator program
  • Taught high school classes using React Native
  • Wrote Google scripts-based scheduler for school event

Other Activities

I've been a skater, goalie, coach, and referee with a number of teams and leagues.

Ice Hockey

I've worked with a variety of after-school and weekend classes and programs, most recently StreetCode.



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Contact Info

The best way to get in touch with me is through email. My gmail account is jenselby.